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These pages of the wiki describe the ecological indicators of marine systems, with some emphasis on the Southern Ocean.

Each page in this section of the wiki states the function, attributes, current status and trends, and management strategies and objectives for an indicator. The structure and function of all indicators on the wiki are summarised in a table with individual pages describing the indicator in more detail. This section of the wiki can be a useful tool in involving community members in the development of a suite of ecological indicators and for the discussion of new indicators.


Background reading, useful websites, and initiatives

Dedicated ecological indicator journals -

Journal dedicated to ecological indicators -

Special editions and theme sections on marine ecological indicators -

Special edition of ICES Journal of Marine Science (2005) -


Marine Ecology Progress Series (2012) Theme Section of this volume -

Ecosystem indicator products -

Indiseas - is a website set up to provide a map interface for describing indicators, provide background and overview of the status of their ecosystems -

IndiseasII - is in development to update the Indiseas website

Working groups -

SCOR-IOC Working Group 119 “Quantitative Ecosystem Indicators for Fisheries Management” -


SCOR Working Group 137 on Patterns of Phytoplankton Dynamics in Coastal Ecosystems: Comparative Analysis of Time Series Observation -


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