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This page indicates people (by country) who have been contacted to help document surveys that might be useful in MEASO (* indicates a returned sheet, ** indicates alternative contribution (e.g. dataset or publications), *** alternative response e.g. expression of interest/acknowledgement but not suitable).  Please note that the initial mail out was only small, hoping for the request to be passed on to others within each country.  Updates of returned summaries will be provided monthly.


Martin Cox

Louise Emmerson***

Nicole Hill**

Mark Hindell


Clive McMahon*

Ben Raymond***

Colin Southwell**

Jonathan Stark


Sophie Mormede

Steve Parker***

Matt Pinkerton**



Richard Bellerby


Malgorzata (Gorza) Korczak-Abshire


José Xavier***



Svetlana Kasatkina


Angus Atkinson**

Mark Belchier***

Martin Edwards*

Sophie Fielding**