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  1. Coastal ecosystem features and definition
  2. Coastal/shallow water habitat distributiondistribution (Jodie Smith, Alix Post)
  3. Processes causing or likely to cause change in coastal ecosystems:
  4. “Icescape” (Rob Massom, Petra Heil, Alex Fraser)
    1. Sea ice
    2. Fast ice
    3. Polynas
    4. Bergs/glaciers
    5. Ice shelves and ice sheet margin (Jeroen Ingels)
    6. sea ice and light
    7. ice scour
    8. freshening/melt
  5. Winds/waves and weather
  6. Sedimentation
  7. Link to pelagic systems
    1. vertical fluxes
  8. Ocean acidification
  9. Seawater temperature
  10. Blue carbon
  11. Invasive species
  12. Pollution (Catherine King)
  13. Species physiological tolerances
  14. New habitats
  15. Impacts on ecosystems: (Stacy Deppeler, Alyce Hancock, James Black)
    1. Changes in community composition, regime shift, tipping points.
    2. Changes to primary production (Juan Höfer)
    3. Vertical fluxes (Juan Höfer)
    4. Changes to food web dynamics, trophic links.
    5. Loss of diversity. Extinctions?
    6. Links to terrestrial processes (Aleks Terauds, Jasmine Lee)
    7. Links to terrestrial habitat use by marine species
    8. Data mapping and analysis (Anton Van de Putte, Huw Griffiths, Ben Raymond, Charlene Guillaumot)
    9. policyEcosystem modelling (Nicole Hill, Charlene Guillaumot)
    10. Policy/management
    11. Needs and future directions
      1. ROMSROMS (Ben Galton-Fenzi)
      2. Bathymetry
      3. other
      4. Connections and implications, will change in coasts drive change elsewhere?
  16. Links to other work
    1. ANTOS (Stefano Schiaparelli)


There will be a brief discussion of the synthesis component (i.e. tying all those pieces together). It is very likely that this will require new analysis work. Points of interest include: