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Develop a [declaration/strategy/statement], including action plan, on the needs, expectations and delivery of science on Southern Ocean ecosystems for the next [20] years.  (format for a manifesto)


Prof. A.J. (Tony) Press


Wednesday, 11th April, 2018.  


  • Policy needs - What do we know now?  what do scientists thiink
  • What else do we need to know? what do policy people need
  • How long will it take to get answers?  policy people need?
  • State of the science and capability - What do we know now & where is the science heading?
  • Time frames for delivering what is needed - what is a feasible timeline for answers and the translation of that science into policy  (policy
  • Action Plan for SOE)What are the strategic priorities for plan for Southern Ocean ecosystem research and do they need to be updated?  fuzzy layer in middleto deliver into policy


Other considerations


  • Include science-policy talks on the Thurs of the conference
  • Outputs could include summary graphics/explainers (theme-by-theme)