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These pages of the wiki describe the methods for sampling, monitoring, and modelling the status of marine biota and their habitats.

Each method states whether there is an international standard or not. Standardised methods and measurements are crucial for ecological research, particularly in long-term ecological studies where the projects are by nature collaborative and where it can be difficult to distinguish signs of environmental change from the effects of differing methodologies. The development of standard methods is an on-going process that need to be reviewed frequently as methods evolve and improve over time. This wiki can be a useful tool in involving community members in the development of standard methods and discussion of new methods.


This section of the wiki is separated into three broad types of methods and further categorised within these sections, see figure below. Each method uses the same page structure (as shown below) and requires the use of the method template when creating a new page within this section of the wiki.


Background reading, useful websites, and initiatives

Dedicated methods journals -


Special editions and theme sections on standard methods -


Standard method products -

Prometheus wiki was developed to discuss and updated standard methods in Ecological and Environmental Plant Physiology -


Working groups -