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What is a MEASO? - MEASO is an activity of the IMBeR-SCAR program Integrating Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics - further explanation in Approach, Structure and Format

Why MEASO & Benchmarking?  - published in the following analysis by ACE CRC on Southern Ocean ecosystems

How do I participate in MEASO? - sign up by clicking here (contact MEASO)

How do I register my survey/s of one or more taxa? - go to MEASO Data Availability

How can I insert my knowledge on the ecology and/or status of a taxon? - go to MEASO Biota to view the template being used (you do not have to be able to fill in all a template to get it started)

How will my data and MEASO contribute to marine policy? - go to MEASO Science into Policy

What is the timetable of activities for the first MEASO? - go to MEASO Timetable of activities


Where did MEASO come from?  The concept of a marine ecosystem assessment in the form of MEASO originated in the Southern Ocean Sentinel workshops in 2009 and 2012, which were ICED workshops.  The work program towards the MEASO Conference began in 2012.  It aimed to develop synergies with existing programs and the work on the SCAR Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean.  This work of ICED to understand impacts of climate change on Southern Ocean ecosystems and to provide advice to policy makers, along with other SCAR groups, such as SOOS and SCATS, was underscored in the joint meeting of the SC-CAMLR and CEP in 2016.  The need for consolidated information for polar regions, was highlighted in the fifth review of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Who is involved in MEASO?  As an activity of ICED, MEASO endeavors to maintains the principle of diversity in gender, nation, experience and expertise.  It is not restricted to those people centrally involved in ICED.  All experts on Southern Ocean science are invited to be involved.  The outcome of a MEASO are expected to draw on experts from many national and international groups - see MEASO Science Network.


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