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This update outlines recent MEASO activities and highlights how to contribute to the MEASO special issue including timelines for publication.


  1. Woking and IMBeR Workshop Outcomes
  2. Infographics
  3. Online Activity
  4. Invitation to participate in the MEASO Special Issue

1. Woking and IMBeR Workshop Outcomes

We had very successful workshops in Woking and at the IMBeR Conference in Brest last month where the MEASO Special Issue was formulated, the core papers decided and outlined, and lead authors of each of the papers proposed.

All outputs from the Workshops, including the outline of the Special Issue (see point 4 below) can now be viewed on SOKI

2. Infographics

A series of infographics will be developed as part of the first MEASO to provide concise representations of the knowledge and major topics covered throughout the special issue. These infographics will be shared on social media, with the final products to be compiled into a graphical summary ‘book’ that can be used to communicate the knowledge generated from MEASO to a broader audience including policy makers and stakeholders.

An example of one of these infographics outlining the importance of Southern Ocean ecosystems in the global context is available on Twitter -

3. Online Activity

MEASO is now on twitter and Facebook! Search for @MEASO20 to follow us for updates along the way or use the hashtag #MEASO to share your own updates. If you have content you think should be shared on these pages then feel free to send an email to either Stacey (, Maddie ( or Christine (

SOKI will soon be featured on Wikipedia, describing its role in MEASO including important links to some material.

4. Invitation to participate in the MEASO Special Issue

MEASO will be published as a series of papers in Frontiers, co-listed in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution (Conservation), Frontiers in Marine Science (Global Change and the Future Ocean) and Frontiers in Environmental Science (Conservation).  Details can be found in SOKI (MEASO 4.2 Special Issue & eBook) and as a research topic at Frontiers (

The MEASO community are invited to contribute to core papers related to their expertise (listed on the SOKI page - MEASO 4.2 Special Issue & eBook).  Contact for more information.  

In addition to the proposed core papers, interested researchers can submit contributions to either Section 5 (lessons from MEASO-I) or Section 6 (Foundations and Extensions of MEASO). If you are interested in contributing a paper, please send your proposal for a paper through Frontiers or to  Include in your proposal a title, authorship and an extended abstract of what you would intend to include.  Please review the intent of the research topic/special issue on either the SOKI page or at Frontiers.  Also please review our principles of involvement (_Principles of involvement).  We encourage authors to consider including a diverse team (gender, region, and experience) in the writing of a paper.  

Timelines: Submit extended abstract for contributed papers by 16 September 2019.  Manuscripts are due for submission on 20 December 2019.  These deadlines are to enable publication in advance of SCAR 2020 Open Science Conference.

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