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The following draft timetable of activities are intended to produce the first MEASO in 2019.


February 2018

April 2018

June-July 2018

August 2018

  • Compile relevant literature on status and trends of Southern Ocean ecosystems

September 2018

  • Progress report to SC-CAMLR

February-March 2019

  • Undertake assessment of status and trends in Southern Ocean habitats
  • Develop profiles for taxa on status, trends, biology and ecology, building on the BASO (referring to other web sites as appropriate) (template available)(e.g. MEASO Biota: 4-Seal-Elephant)
  • Draft manuscript for a science journal on the science strategy for MEASO and its summaries (based on MTT-Design)

April 2019

  • Peer-review of habitat and taxon assessments
  • Develop summaries on ecosystem properties by sector
  • Regional review groups to synthesise information by region, developing questions for ecosystem synthesis

May 2019

  • Complete drafts of regional reports on habitats, species and food webs
  • Distribute materials for workshops, aiming to develop summaries for policy makers and to consider methods for presentation

June 2019

  • Workshop on MEASO-I, WWF-UK, Living Planet Centre, Woking, United Kingdom (if interested in participating, contact

  • IMBeR OSC Workshop on MEASO presentation and delivery to policy makers 

July-August 2018

  • Peer review of assembled report and the summary for policy makers
  • Update report to satisfy peer-review process

September 2019

  • Submission of report for publication

October 2019

  • Presentation of report to CCAMLR


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